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Anthem cancels Medicare Advantage Plans in San Diego and Ventura Counties

Medicare Advantage Plans Cancellation notices have been sent to Medicare beneficiaries in San Diego and Ventura insured with Anthem Preferred Standard PPO.   Anthem was offering Medicare Advantage Plans at a zero monthly premium for 2012 but due to higher than anticipated expenses was forced to non-renew. Both San Diego and Ventura County residents will a…

California Medicare Plans – Lots of Changes for 2013

Medicare Beneficiaries in California will be subject to changes both good and not so good with Medicare plan options in 2013.  Several counties will lose their Medicare Advantage PPO while others will re-gain that plan.  HMO offerings are being reduced in a few places with good news in a number of other counties. Anthem Blue…

New Medicare Advantage Plans for Fresno County

Great news for Medicare Beneficiaries in Fresno County!  There is a new PPO plan and HMO plan available for 2013.  For people in the Medicare Program, enrollment begins October 15 and ends December 7, 2012.  Those news to Medicare or losing a group plan are not limited to those dates. Anthem Blue Cross returns to…

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