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California Medicare PPO Plans | PPO Medicare Advantage

Medicare PPO Plans

Medicare PPO PlansMedicare PPO plans are plans which offer similar benefits to Medicare HMO plans, but have slightly less network restrictions in most cases. Even if your doctor is not in the network, you can still see them if they accept the plan terms and conditions on every visit, which is not allowed in an HMO plan.

Like non Medicare PPO plans, there may be a deductible for non-routine services and the plans include prescription drugs and limit your maximum out of pocket costs. The plans will also include the Medicare Part-D Prescription Drug Plan.

While there are copays and deductibles, there may not be a premium other than what you already pay for Part B of your Medicare benefit.

If you have a Medicare Supplement and are looking to reduce your costs, a PPO plan might be perfect. The plans will pay doctors both in the PPO network and outside the network so you have no difficulty seeing a Medicare contracted physician. Rather than paying $2,500 or more per year for a supplement and drug plan, this type of policy can be “just what the doctor ordered”.

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