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California Medicare Special Needs Plans Medi-cal Plans

Medicare Special Needs Plans

Medicare Special Needs Plans, or SNP, is the newest plan authorized by Medicare. They are available to those with specific chronic illnesses or have both Medicare and MediCal. In California these Medicare Special Needs Plans are all HMOs and provide additional benefits to those who qualify. One can qualify for chronic illness plans if they have certain conditions including: California Medicare Special Needs Plans

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Renal (Kidney) Failure

The coverage available is generally broader and available with lower copays than non SNP plans. Contact us to see if you can qualify for better coverage as these plans are available only in limited areas.


Lower income individuals who qualify for Medi-Cal and Medicare have some terrific options in many areas of California. Medi-Cal has ceased covering dental, vision, podiatry and other needed services as of July, 2009. Some or all of these benefits can be restored with a plan specifically designed for people with Medicare and Medi-Cal. These plans are known as Special Needs Plans for People with Limited Incomes, called SNP’s for short. These plans have no monthly premium, no copay for most medical services, include dental and vision benefits. Many will also furnish transportation and some will even provide over the counter (OTC) items at no cost. To qualify, you need either full Medi-Cal or with share of cost. Because you need to choose a primary care physician it is important that your doctor is in the network. Recent cuts to Medi-Cal can make finding a physician much more difficult that in the past. Moving into a SNP can help provide you with the quality care that is becoming harder to find by giving you a greater choice of physicians. Most SNP plans provide extra benefits including vision, dental, quarterly allowance for over the counter items and transportation. Check with us to see if you doctor, hospital and medical group work with SNPs. You can not only increase your coverage but lower your cost of care as well.

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